Friday, November 23, 2012

Hello Dolly

For the Christmas Challenge sponsored by I decided to make a doll.Though I call her Dolly, if you look real close she looks like Kitty Russell from Gun Smoke.

The kits used are:

  • The Skirt is the Christmas Tree Ornament (Christmas Ornament Kit ) sized to 11X11 with the various branch layers sized to fit the tree.
  • The bodice of the dress is the Nutcracker's head and arms (Clara’s Christmas Eve) cut to the kit size.
  • The dress yoke is the Nutcracker hat top- enlarged to 2.5X2.5 grouped with a circle from the shape library sized 1.25X1.25.

Head and Hat-
  • Head - The Spindle Ornament (Christmas Ornaments) cut to size. I then cut the spindle along the first joint from the bottom, turned it end over end and inserted the pointed end  into the top of the spindle. - imagine a tree topper- if that sounded confusing.  
  • Hat and Parasol - the Hat is  2 sets of the rosette  found in  the Dolly Snowflake Ornament (Christmas Ornaments).  I glued three of the rosette strips together -formed the rosette then hot glued it onto the hexagon used for the top of the Nutcracker' s hat (Clara's Christmas Eve). For the parasol I used the forth strip-  folded along the lines- tied it with a ribbon and added a handle.
Her hair is two different twines cut to length, blended then hot glued to the head.