Saturday, August 17, 2013

How do I know what svg and digital files I have?

I have to say that after working with the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (SSDE)  and my SVG and Print files- If I did not already have it so that I can use SVG files with my Cameo- I'd buy it just for the indexing, storing, and viewing features it offers

Now I will admit that a lot of my cut files, digital paper and embellishment I have never used - that is not to say I won't- and it is not to say I don't need more -  After all it isn't hard to justify getting another paper collection or SVG collection when:
  1. You are like a Magpie -prints and colors are your shiny objects.
  2. You love thinking of all the possibilities you can master with SVGs and digital paper.
  3. You are weak! weak! weak! weak! when it comes to:
    • and the whole shopping-  creating - personal interactive experience with Mary and Leo
    • and the unique files that Jessica creates-  not to mention her great sales and customer service. 
    • and the freebie of the Day (not to mention all the other great files).
    • - One Buck Wednesday and the often 25% off sales on Echo Park and Carta Bella sets.  
With all that said, the next quandary is How to keep up with all of it!

 Like a lot of folks I created:
  1. An  Excel Spread sheet that list all the files I have so I can sort , rearrange and manipulate file information
  2. A Desk TOP folder for PDFs and such.
  3. Binders on top of Binders with printed copies of the files and project pictures- nicely indexed and placed in sheet protectors
But none of these things works for me - the spread sheet needs constant updating, I never am on my desktop, and the Binders are cumbersome.

The other day I was on one of the many Face Book pages I like and saw a post about importing files into Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. Now I have SSDE that I got from and use it everyday (yeah I cut or play with paper everyday).  Since I do a lot of Print to Cut- I was knowledgeable about the import into My library and in the drag and drop method you can do to bypass the tedious import process SSDE goes through if you follow their directions.

WHAT I was not very aware of was importing SVG files instead of opening them one by one.

Yeah I know slow on the uptake here- but what can I say- all I could think of was getting the file on the mat and cutting!

Any way- What a time saver it turns out to be by importing the SVG files into SSDE! I can drag and drop the whole collection into SSDE and see the various elements before I load to the mat and start cutting.

My only concern was/is, How much can I import before I bomb the application? Not knowing how SSDE stores the imported files (it does make a difference in how much memory is used and such) I decided to test importing a SVG collection and several printable files.

So far I have 886 files (dig paper, Studio cut files, SVG cut files, jpegs and PNGs) total in SSDE and it does not seem to be slow and the only time it bombed was when I could not make up my mind on a back ground for a card- but that happens anyway- sometimes to many choices is not good -lol.

 To find which files I was going to import  I did a Windows Explorer search for "Printables" on the folder I use to keep my SVGCuts files. The search results produced a list of files and locations that I then used to make "new" folders in SSDE. I opened the file in Explorer than dragged/dropped the contents into the "new" SSDE folder.   It so easy to use that list to create "folders" in SSDE to match the collection then drag and drop the files the only thing I could see that this method lost was descriptions and key words the SSDE import process lets you add.

Once all files where located dragged and dropped in SSDE - I opened a few to see the resulting index/list.  I am so loving this. I just hope I can add more files without bombing SSDE.

This may or may not be a working solution for many BUT it sure works for me. I can search, see and use all in one application and with only a few clicks.

Hope this is helpful to you- Thanks for stopping by