Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mirro, Mirror on the wall & Miss Baker's Apple

I know the picture does not show how awesome this is in the dark, but it is super easy to do and is a really great affect element.  Ever since the Miss Baker's Classroom SVG Kit by SVGCUTS came out, I have been eyeballing that 3D Apple and thinking "Mirror, Mirror -on the wall."
I found a picture of the Witch from Snow White by doing a google search and then printed on Vellum For the mirror frame I used Jackie's Frame- a free SVG file. I doubled the frame back for strength and added two strips of card stock shaped like an upside down  "T" to back for a stand.  By taping the LED tea light onto the stand where it would be directly behind the face it back lights just perfect for a scary glow.
The apple is done in a blood red and sits at the base of the frame.  Sure hope Snow White isn't hungry.

Monday, August 27, 2012


To say I like to do paper crafts is an understatement. It is my R-n-R. my therapy and my escape. When I saw the newest kit from SVGCUTS , I could not wait to get home from vacation so that I could buy it and start cutting.
So we leave our vacation spot in Florida abt 5:30AM on Saturday and by 9:00PM I'm home in  Virginia downloading the Midnight Jamboree SVG Kit .

I know ...Sick isn't it! BUT I loved the elements of this the kit the minute I saw it. So far this is what I have created from this kit. So quick and easy!

I have mentioned on several of my FB post that I collect Halloween items and give them to my grand kids. Well  some of the Halloween decorations I recently made using the SVGCUT files just might have to stay with grandma. I love the basket I made using the Fall Harvest SVG Kit  and Halloween themed paper as well as the Pie I made using blood red paper for the filling and spider web designed paper for the pie dish. I might have to craft a few spiders to go in it just to add some creepiness.

I also made the candy corn container found in the Fall Harvest SVG Kit as well as a Goblin table decoration using the Haunted Hemlock Cards SVG Kit in black for the base and Jack-O-Lantern  in orange foil paper found in various kits such as Party On Elm Street SVG Kit and Salazar's Scary Squares SVG Collection.

Of course my grandson BUCK (a.k.a- Denver R Oakley IV) has already claimed the corn and goblins as well as my haunted van that I made using the Ice Cream truck found in the  Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit.

So far no one has stole my haunted Ferris Wheel created using the Ferris Wheel file found in the Summer Street Carnival SVG Kit, but they have sure tried.

Well it is time to get dinner- yes I still manage to fix my poor hubby dinner- gotta keep him happy so that he can support my habit!
Happy crafting and who knows what will be created between now and October 31st - I feel ghostly possibilities every where! 



Sunday, August 5, 2012

This weekend has been a crafty one. I should have been cleaning house and getting ready for vacation but I just could not muster the energy needed to get out the vacuum and dust cloth so I did what any self respecting crafter does when feeling guilty about not doing house work - I re-arranged my craft  supplies.

While shuffling paper around,  the new stack I bought - Autumn Melody by DCWV- caught my attention. One particular pattern ( brown with gold foil acorns) really stood out and was begging to be used. I had no idea what I was going to make out of it - but I knew that there would be something in my SVGcut files- all I had to do was go to my computer, open the files and look through the wonderful photos that come with each file when they are downloaded.

 I decided to try a  file called Oak Leaf Lantern in the Crisp Days of Fall Kit. Like so many of my files from SVG Cuts this was one I bought so that I could take advantage of their free gift offered each week.

As with all of Mary's (the designer of the SVG files) files and kits, the lantern was easy to assemble- her tutorial  was wonderful and helped make quick work of making the lantern.

I think the lantern turned out well and I can't wait to add a LED tea light to it to see how it glows in the evening.

The little pumpkin beside the lantern is from the Pick a Pumpkin file. I have used this file in the past but never made the little Pumpkin. I think there will be more of those little guys around the house before the Fall season is over. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

As hot as it is what better way to cool off then to think Fall, Pumpkins and Leaves. The current challenge at is to make something related to fall using only elements included in any of three files:
Pick a Pumpkin
Harvest Hill Farm
Harvest Country Home

There is a score of wonderful entries already posted and more to come since the challenge doesn't end until August 26. I can't tell you how much paper I have cut up and tossed trying to come up with something for this challenge that is different. So many of the crafters on this site are so talented and creative that I was having a hard time trying to NOT duplicate some of their ideas and projects.

I started out with the idea of doing a wall hanging for the challenge since I had visited Joann's (fabric store)  and saw some really cute hangings in their fall displays. Originally I thought to use the picture frame found in the Harvest Country Home file as the plague base but changed my mind once I saw the baking sheet. It was more solid and would be sturdier than the frame. I knew I wanted some kind of pumpkins, flowers and leaves as decorations and I knew I wanted to use golds, greens, orange and brown as my color scheme. So I started pulling paper together and looking at the various elements in the files to see which ones would work with the paper I selected.

This picture shows some of the elements I cut out cause I really wasn't sure what I wanted from the huge selection in the files or how they would look withthe paper once I got them cut:

Once I got some of them glued and laid out on the baking sheet it just didn't go together as I thought. My wall plague just didn't work for me. Once again I figured I would toss the project and start over. As I was folding the baking sheet in half so that it would fit into the recycle bin better it hit me. It wasn't firm enough to hang but is was flexible enough to wrap. HUMMM

I took a paperback book from the shelf and folded the baking sheet around it- It wrapped perfectly and was just the right size in width. It is a little longer than the average paperback but that is OK by me since I sometimes read large print books and they are a bit longer. I did find that it was just a little short for my NOOK but I can always make another later for the NOOK.

I dug around into my ribbon stash and found enough of the right color to add straps on the inside that will hold the book into the cover and add ties so that the cover can be closed when not reading. I cut another baking sheet out and glued the two together so that the ribbon ends are not only hidden but secured as well. I had only one other problem to solve before my Autumn Book Cover was complete.

I didn't like the colors I used from the pumpkin. Once I got all the layers glued together I thought they were flat and dull. So I dug through my stash of stuff and got out my Spectrum Noir pens and started coloring the colored paper.
I used:
OR1 to brighten the orange in the pumpkin
EB5 to darken the brown on the vine
BP6 to change a gold leaf to a pinky orange leaf
BP2 to change a gold leaf to a reddish orange leaf.
BG6 change the green shadow on the pumpkin to a brownish green &
GB10 helped add depth to the other outlines on the pumpkin.


Over all my wall plague that started as a baking sheet has turned out to be a very cute paperback book cover that will help make my coffee table decorative and festive throughout the fall season.