Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pictures of Files

I finally finished printing all the PDF files for my SVG files and have gotten them into sheet protectors. I even have them organized into a binder using an Excel Spread Sheet I created. I wanted to make hyperlinks to the pictures included in most files but found that was a little tedious and my attention span wasn't up to that. I then tried to copy/paste the picture into the row of the file and that too was not a good thing. So I decided not to worry with the pictures. BUT
I am a visual person. The pictures do more than inspire me, they help me chose paper and in some cases put the file together, so I wasn't satisfied with forgetting them.

I collected all the SVG photos into a folder (search/copy/paste works wonders). Went through and printed the group pictures so that I could put them with the PDF files. BUT, that wasn't enough. Many of the files have individual pictures showing each element or card that is part of the total file. The individual pictures are truly inspiring, so I couldn't leave them out of the binder. Long story short...Picture Collages- I took all the smaller individual photos and using the create software that came with my HP printer I took all the non group pictures and made colleges. Now all I have to do if figure out a way to ID the photo to the file...but that's for another day.
Here is an example of the collage page I created.

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