Friday, December 28, 2012

How my new Continuous Ink System turned into a snowy day scene.

Santa was good to me this year! Aside from a new Kindle, he brought me a continuous ink system for my wide format printer. Now you might ask what is a continuous ink system so to answer that I am going to direct you to company(CISInk) he got the system from. They can explain it better than me and in far fewer words.

 Needless to say not long ago I had bought new single use cartridges for my printer and at over $100 bucks for the set I was not going to toss them out until I can empty most of them. You see you can't mix the two delivery systems- so either I toss the single use out and hook up the continuous or I wait to hook up the continuous after I use most of the ink in the single use cartridges. To help use up the ink I downloaded a lot of digital paper from Jessica and am in the process of "printing" away the single use cartridges so that I can hook up the continuous system.

One of the papers I printed is from Echo Park "Winter Park Collection (Pack 2)" called Park City. I picked that particular paper for two reason- 1. it just looked so wintry , 2. it had a lot of different colors that would use the ink up evenly. The down side was I really couldn't find a project I wanted to use the paper on- so I added it to my have on hand stack.

Now the other day when that awful storm was making it way east , were I live in Virginia only got cold and rain. So what do I do on a really cold and rainy day- I cut paper of course! I was playing with the Everyday Winter Card Kit that SVGcuts released a week or two ago and in it is a shaker card. I'm not going into details as to what a shaker card is since many descriptions and details can be found on the Internet and counting the wonderful instructions and video SVGcuts does for their kits.

Well to shorten the story even more...Back in the fall, Bridgit Mann did a wonderful Window Pane project using various pieces and parts of kits from SVGcuts. I had made a fall version as well that I now have hanging the my coat closet. I happen to notice the frame when I was digging around in the closet and a bolt of lighting hit me- A shaker frame- using that Echo Park Paper I had printed a few days ago. So without further torture here is the end result of combining shaker technology along with 3d creativity and wonderful files that lend themself to any number of things.


Files used:                                                                   Paper Used:
Winter Bliss                                                                Echo Park- Winter Park Collection (pack2)
Snowflakes Mini Pack                                                Cosmo Cricket Half Way Cafe
Fall Wall hanging by Bridgit Mann

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