Monday, August 27, 2012


To say I like to do paper crafts is an understatement. It is my R-n-R. my therapy and my escape. When I saw the newest kit from SVGCUTS , I could not wait to get home from vacation so that I could buy it and start cutting.
So we leave our vacation spot in Florida abt 5:30AM on Saturday and by 9:00PM I'm home in  Virginia downloading the Midnight Jamboree SVG Kit .

I know ...Sick isn't it! BUT I loved the elements of this the kit the minute I saw it. So far this is what I have created from this kit. So quick and easy!

I have mentioned on several of my FB post that I collect Halloween items and give them to my grand kids. Well  some of the Halloween decorations I recently made using the SVGCUT files just might have to stay with grandma. I love the basket I made using the Fall Harvest SVG Kit  and Halloween themed paper as well as the Pie I made using blood red paper for the filling and spider web designed paper for the pie dish. I might have to craft a few spiders to go in it just to add some creepiness.

I also made the candy corn container found in the Fall Harvest SVG Kit as well as a Goblin table decoration using the Haunted Hemlock Cards SVG Kit in black for the base and Jack-O-Lantern  in orange foil paper found in various kits such as Party On Elm Street SVG Kit and Salazar's Scary Squares SVG Collection.

Of course my grandson BUCK (a.k.a- Denver R Oakley IV) has already claimed the corn and goblins as well as my haunted van that I made using the Ice Cream truck found in the  Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit.

So far no one has stole my haunted Ferris Wheel created using the Ferris Wheel file found in the Summer Street Carnival SVG Kit, but they have sure tried.

Well it is time to get dinner- yes I still manage to fix my poor hubby dinner- gotta keep him happy so that he can support my habit!
Happy crafting and who knows what will be created between now and October 31st - I feel ghostly possibilities every where!