Saturday, September 22, 2012

Well I did call this site Eclectic. For the past week I have been absorbed into a series of books by Mark Tufo called Zombie Fallout. Yeah I know Zombies. But in all honesty I started reading the first book cause I was bored and it was .99 at Barnes and Nobles-  Nook Books.

Well what started out as "what the heck" reading turned into a marathon. I just finished book 5 and was hoping there is a book 6. Well there will be October 1st. But I was happy to also see while I looking online was the the TV and movie rights had been bought. OK. I never did get into the Living Dead series nor the one Noah Willey plays in but I think (if done right) I could get into Mike Talbot  and company on the screen. Well off to see if I can find another "why not" book. Happy Reading folks.

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